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Lukas Lyrestam - Vanishing Point (Original Mix)

Dec 03, 2012

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Why do we like this?
"Vanishing Point" is a clever nu disco tune, a perfect arrangement of vocal and melody. Guaranteed to get you moving, or at the very least, boppin' around in your chair.

What is so great about Lukas Lyrestam? His "jackin' house music" (of course) and his excellently honed "shit filter."

This is why I love me a bit of research. In a surprising twist, turns out the very talented DJ also happens to be a blogger and editor at Stoney Roads, or at least he was at some point.

"As quick on the keyboard as he is on the decks, nothing gets through his shit filter. He loves to write about those big tunes, which make people feel something special and hopes that cheap music is on the decline," according to Stoney Roads.

Suddenly I feel more akin to Lyrestam than simply relating to his music.
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