What's so good?
By Elizabeth Walker | Feb 15, 2012

The UK's Gold Panda has some serious talent. Considering he was working in a porn shop when he started making music, and was able to churn out quite the amazing caliber of original tracks and remixes consistently since he signed with Ghostly in 2010, I'd say he's doing alright.

His latest release is a remix of Luke Abbott's "Brazil." Gold Panda turned his slightly glitchy production into an angelic, almost religious experience. Sounds likening to a cacophony of xylophonic doorbells simmer over a basic bass line and snare for a atypically beautiful Gold Panda-style release. It's firm, infinite, and caring all in the same moment. After listening to his remix about 7 times, I've about lost my mind in its raw beauty.

Since Gold Panda has been a little quiet of late, I'm hoping this is indicative of some action to come, whether in the form of tours or a new LP. Neither would make me unhappy.