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Marques Toliver - Try Your Best

Jun 17, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Neo-soul-classical indie artist Marques Toliver released his album, Land of CanAan, last month, and it is a masterpiece.

I had the liberty of unexpectedly seeing Marques perform live in New York City, and I was blown away. The live show was breathtaking, with Marques effortlessly tearing apart the violin while belting soulful and jazzy melodies; his backing band also brought the funk throughout the show. The crowd was completely engaged.

As for his album, Land of CanAan is an extremely powerful and encapsulating mix of many genres. You have to be pretty fearless to combine soul, jazz, pop, R&B, funk, orchestral, indie, and a little dance all into one album, but Marques does it seamlessly and with gusto. This album absolutely deserves to be on many "Best Of 2013" lists.

I urge you, don't sleep on Land of CanAan. It is a gorgeous and moving album bound to stand the test of time.
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