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Mediopicky - La Ola (Ft. Cristabel)

Oct 06, 2013

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Why do we like this?
I am definitely not a mainstream EDM kind of girl, but Dominican artist Mediopicky's tropical bass drops irresistibly "” an undeniable sort of happy dance music that speaks to everyone despite the language barrier.

Pablo of Mediopicky contacted Cristabel of Las Acevedo for a collaboration after hearing their track "Chaka Chaka" off the wonderfully named EP The Weather Smells Like Oranges. He says, "This song is about a conversation between Cristabel and I, and she is telling me, 'Why are you asking me to sing in this type of song, because what I like is rock and roll!' But she sings anyway because she liked it and let it flow with the wave... the song is about letting go, and [being] open to new alternatives in life."

Download Mediopicky's Cantinas EP for free here and find him on SoundCloud.
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