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Metabeats - The Median Ft. Zeroh

Jun 30, 2013

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Sounds like: Zeroh, Ras_G, eLan
Why do we like this?
Europe has a long standing tradition of being more progressive en masse than the US. When jazz cats were playing in bars to apathetic audiences, they could hop on a plane over the Atlantic to find adulating fans with open ears. Times have changed, but things curiously stay the same. Artists that you would never hear on the radio stateside and be hard-pressed to sell a full-priced show ticket for can find audiences overseas.

Metabeats is one of those cats with his ear to the (figurative) streets. As a producer, he's been building his own pedigree in the UK for a minute. For his latest full length effort, Metabeats has reached out to a stellar cast of under-appreciated microphone magicians. Quelle Chris, Action Bronson, Von Pea, Oddisee, and Marv Won are just some of the recruited talents on Caviar Crackle.

The song we're highlighting today is the cut featuring a personal favorite, Zeroh The Blaqbird. Over a rattling synth-line, the Gardena warrior does what he does best and spazzes with manic energy. Sounding confident and assured, he takes the beat and adds nuance that would not be there where he not on it.
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