What's so good?
By hmcclure | Jul 02, 2013

Nu disco is all the rage at the moment, and Sydney duo Midnight Pool Party are starting to produce some of the purest examples of the form. Taking reference from acts like Jamiroquai and Chic, the guys took a bit of a break from performing over the last couple of years in order to re-focus on their music writing and sound development. Given the potency of their new single, it seems like the time was very well spent.

"I Want, I Need" is an infectious party tune with all the features a good disco track should contain -- sparkly guitar licks and synth programming mesh with a dirty bass line, topped off with suitably yearning vocals. All that's missing is the disco ball...

With new material on the way, as well as an updated live show, these guys should be in full swing by the end of the year. Disco is alive and well.

Hugh McClure
Author: Hugh McClure
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