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Mist Glider - Chapter 14

Sep 06, 2012

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Why do we like this?
I'm proud to premiere the newest track from Mist Glider, a producer doing big things out of Santa Cruz, Calif. It's a wonderful little place tucked away behind the mountains along the Pacific Ocean. It's also a champion of all things weird, chill and otherwise groovy. Mist Glider is in a lot of ways a perfect representation of the city.

"Chapter 14" comes from the forthcoming Vicissitunes Volume 1, which will be released under Sleepy Beach, a label/collective of artists and musicians working mainly out of Santa Cruz. Other producers on the compilation album include Aeropsia, Tree, and Heart Tricks.

Oh, Mist Glider also has an official Adventure Club remix in the works. Stay tuned.
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