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MMOTHS - For Her (Ft. Young & Sick)

Mar 07, 2013

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After what has seemed like a crazy long wait since his self-titled EP, MMOTHS has finally released his new EP entitled Diaries.

Filled with all of the haunting vocals and downtempo beats that we've come to expect from the young Irish producer, MMOTHS continues to grow as an artist on Diaries, and carves out his own niche in the world of electronic chill out.

The track "For Her" is definitely one of the standouts and features some soulful vocals from the L.A.-based Young & Sick.  It really makes the track pull at the heart strings, as beautiful piano chords echo over MMOTHS' methodical, noise filled beats.

This is the kind of song that almost makes you feel happy in sadness, as it just drips with sorrow-filled emotion.  I can't wait to continue to be enveloped in the world of MMOTHS as Diaries gets put on heavy repeat!
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