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Mock & Toof - My Head

Oct 22, 2012

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Sounds like: Matthew Dear, Aeroplane
Why do we like this?
I recently covered Mock and Toof's "Sleeper" from their forthcoming album. Today I bring you "My Head," an older track featured on Aeroplane's "Not-So-Monthly October 2012 Mix" (listen to the full mix here).

Sounding like Matthew Dear's second cousin, "My Head" is a very aptly titled. Ever since I heard the single, it's absolutely been lurking in my head. The vibe to this song is so chill and apathetically cool it sounds like something Samuel L. Jackson might strut down the street to. There's no rushing Sirs Mock and Toof, nor the brilliantly dropped staccato notes and vocal bits.

For more from Mock and Toof, check out their SoundCloud page here.
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