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Monitor 66 - Follow You

Feb 23, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Monitor 66 keeps a low profile, but their sparsely released tunes have steadily built the Swedish trio quite the reputation.

Their goal is simple: "We make sunset inspired music with funky bass lines," but I suppose their manifesto can be interpreted in many ways -- sunsets don't always imply disco.

Their newest track, "Follow You," reminds me of the stoic musical landscapes built by Tourist or Cosmonaut Grechko. Happiness is the deceptive cover; the bright tip of the overall emotion, but look a little deeper and you'll discover a current of melancholic longing.

It doesn't take a sunny disposition to enjoy Monitor 66 -- the soul will translate depth and feeling however it sees fit, so whether you're taking a triumphant leap into your future or pensively observing it from afar, "Follow You" will inspire you to tackle it either way.

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