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Múm - Ballad Of Broken Birdie Records (Cry Wolf's Dreamscape Remix)

Aug 21, 2012

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Sounds like: Sigur Ros, Hannes Fischer
Why do we like this?
Múm first caught my attention in high school, roughly the same time I found myself getting into Sigur Ros. Clearly there's a strong connection - both bands are from Iceland, and embody an ethereal, ambient sound that makes them quite distinctive.

So, when Cry Wolf sent me his remix of their song "Ballad Of Broken Birdie Records," my attention was instantly piqued. You see, Cry Wolf's rendition of The Knife's "You Make Me Like Charity" has been one of my favorite remixes this year, so expectations were high.

Fortunately, the mellow dubstep approach works beautifully here. Nothing to cry about!
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