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Muzzy - Siamese Ratchet Funk (Preview)

Mar 05, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Muzzy is a mindful producer, conscious of nostalgia (Detroit and its techno roots), yet rooted in innovation. His masterful sound is more technically admirable than awe-inspiringly nascent, meaning he didn't just appear with God-given talent. He honed and carved out his sound, which is scary because this bright bulb is only a mere 20 years old.

When not playing guitar with fellow up-and-coming phenom Griz, Muzzy can be found hard at work to make the neon shake and the moon howl.

The track at hand, "Siamese Ratchet Funk," is a preview of the new material Muzzy has lined up to start dropping real soon. If what he has in store for us is as infectious and unctuous as this little snippet, then call me excited. Muzzy makes you want to slip n' slide across the dance floor!

As a friend recently remarked, Muzzy sounds like "J Dilla made love to hyphy trap beats." That's a mash up I'd love to hear... for now I'm more than content to get fuzzy with Muzzy.
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