What's so good?
By Rachel Skotarczyk | Aug 03, 2013

They've got the look, but do they have the touch? L.A.-based duo New Body aim to rejuvenate the body through song and dance by putting a new spin on some well worn influences.

Jonathan Roshad (originally from Long Beach, CA) grew up on a steady diet of raving while Roberto Ramone (originally from Detroit) was quietly forming an opinion in church, but their respective upbringings -- though radically different on the surface -- shared common threads in the music that inevitably brought them together. Techno, house, soul, gospel, garage, pop, and R&B infiltrate the neoclassic style that makes New Body.

"Sunny Dayz (Brighter Dub)" comes off their latest EP. It's raw and unrefined, but this is precisely what gives it such an old school feel. As Jonathan and Roberto both site Madhouse records as a major obsession, I've no doubt Kerri Chandler might be just as interested to lend an ear in their direction.

Find more from the duo via SoundCloud.
Rachel Skotarczyk
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