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Nil - Grapevyne Bootleg Dub

Sep 25, 2012

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San Francisco-based DJ/producer Nil delivers a sexy bit of dub R&B on "Grapevyne Bootleg Dub," out today on the Bay Area's Mother Records.

The tune heavily samples the 1994 single "Grapevyne" by Brownstown, but Nil slathers the original with a hefty serving of dub bass and house vibes to dish out a unique delight. The song is part of a four-track compilation EP from Mother called Buff-tip, which features a tune each from Mountaincount, Wentworth, King's Ransom, and Nil. The EP is up for free download on the label's SoundCloud page, so get it before the limited downloads are used up.

In addition to giving away free music, the quartet is also hosting a free party this week, which will take place on Saturday at Raven Bar and Lounge in San Francisco.

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