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Nuages - Dreams

Mar 02, 2013

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Sounds like: Edamame, Nonagon, Sorrow
Why do we like this?
A lot of heavy-hitting, genre-tag-defying music has been coming through my speakers and headphones lately. Russian producers with zero fucks to give, U.S. rappers on that conscious tip, and enough ambient dance music to assure a steady supply of awkward dancing for years to come. So where does that leave Nuages, an English producer whom I've recently gotten to know via SoundCloud?

If Alan Watts has taught me anything, then I'm going to say that Nuages is right here, right now. Perhaps more appropriately, Nuages has me vibing in the present. It's my opinion that the past and future are powerful illusions built on experience and expectation, respectively. "Dreams," a downtempo electronica instrumental, works much like a course correction. I breathe in those delicate strings, and feel the crisp drumbeats patter along "” embodiments of the ethereal, guiding me back to center.

And as black implies white, Nuages' celestial productions imply the humanity that went into their creation. Can't wait to hear what he drops next.
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