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Outfit - Two Islands

Nov 27, 2011

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While there are a lot of great bands hailing from across the pond, Liverpool's five-piece Outfit is soaring high with the latest release of their single debut 7" Two Islands via Double Denim Records.

"Two Islands" is a slow-building track that meditates on seclusion while juxtaposing that lonesome feeling with a flickering sensation of vibrant vitality. This sprawling, densely layered song has a master quality and ominous lyrical prowess comparable to Wild Beasts paired with a euphoric dreamscape that soothes you like a hazy fantasy.

The B-side track, "Vehicles," is not too dissimilar from the aforementioned. This perfect accompaniment is a mellowed out enchantment about a made-up trip beyond heaven to euphoria where lingering celestial foot-travelers roam and solitude is bliss.

Their hypnotic and fittingly weird video for "Two Islands" is a tribute to their old 23-bedroom house and those that they shared it with. The video consists of still shots of their old housemates merged with the album's artwork with a constant spiral of flickering motion projected onto their faces. Check out the video below:

OUTFIT - Two Islands from Versus on Vimeo.
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