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Pacific Air - Float (RAC Mix)

Nov 26, 2012

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Sounds like: Matthew Dear, Daphni
Why do we like this?
A couple songs back, I "accused" RAC of starting to sound a little redundant. The same formula was clearly recognizable in each and every one of their songs (and I still found myself loving them).

André quickly came back to say that there was something new up their sleeves. And this remix of Pacific Air's "Float" might just be a glimpse of that.

A lot of artists have taken a stab at this song, including Sound Remedy, Polaris At Noon, TheFatRat and Robert DeLong). But this one definitely takes the cake as most original. It's darker and takes the cadence of Pacific Air's original in a new direction. And because it's a new for RAC, I think it's quite refreshing...
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