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Passalacqua - Been A Minute

Sep 28, 2012

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Sounds like: Gavlyn, The GTW, Sol
Why do we like this?
Another band from the outskirts of Detroit City, the dimorphic duo Passalacqua is known for their alternative styling and their cathartic, theatrical stage performances; Passalacqua is definitely a conceptual project. The concept is to engage, have fun, be real, and above all, don't take yourself too seriously.

Comprised of high-school buds Mister and Blacksmith, they've just recently dropped an EP with loads of inspiring material, all produced by UK native, Dr. B. Passalacqua intends on making some meaningful contributions to neo-classical hip-hop. With a strong start, their single "Been A Minute" kinda makes you wanna touch the sky, and they've got a rad video to back it up.

While they've got your attention, be sure to check out their Zebehazy Summer EP released a few months ago. "Sirens" is a chill, funky soul track produced by Erno the Inferno and demonstrates the dynamics of Passalacqua's style.
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