What's so good?
By Christiana Bartolini | Oct 15, 2012

Have you heard of People Get Ready yet? They're a four-piece from Brooklyn and they've already got an impressive the resume, working with David Byrne and having past involvement with Yeasayer, too. Now they're venturing off on their own path and leaving quite the trail.

"Middle Name" is a beautiful electro pop track that lends a melody so catchy that you might have a hard time shaking it off. The beat is energetic and infectious, the bass is quintessentially funk, the organ keeps it traditional, and the vocals play a harmonious game of back and forth. This track is an intensely vivacious interpretation of music's past, as explained by member, Steven Reker:

"'Middle Name' imagines what Joan of Arc and Nikola Tesla have in common. And the structure of the song was inspired by an Arthur Russell's 'Nobody Wants a Lonely Heart'..."

That's quite the mix if you ask me. If you're feeling this song as much as I am, mark your calendars for October 23 when People Get Ready's self-titled debut album is released!

Christiana Bartolini
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