What's so good?
By Christiana Bartolini | Nov 21, 2012

People Get Ready are back with their new video for their single, "Windy Cindy." The track itself is a super-charged avant garde pop ballad. The video..... well you'll just have to watch it.

"Windy Cindy" is another magical journey into a hyperactive forest of free thinkers. The song encompasses the meaning of thinking outside the box. The jangly guitars, poppy beats, smooth keys and bass are just the beginning. The vocals are experimentally awakening and captivating. This is the band's founder, Steven Reker's, take on the song and video:

"'Windy Cindy' was inspired by Cindy Sherman's pictures, her Untitled Film Stills. I spent a long time looking at those pictures, and then I got so into them, I mean really in to them. I found myself wanting to see things from the perspective of the characters she had made. So the song is basically me having this desire to take over her spot in the picture - forever. It's a dialogue. I try to do it, it's fine for a bit, but I end up getting super tired because I can't hold the pose as long as she can. And then I imagine I'd rather be an inanimate object."

So by now you're probably really curious about the video. You should be. If you haven't watched it yet, get to it! If not for anything else, you'll at least like their wardrobe.

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