What's so good?
By Elizabeth Walker | Apr 09, 2012

Russ Chimes, why oh why are you so amazing? Everything this Londonite touches is pheeeeeeenomenal, and his newest download does not disappoint, so get ready for another solid gold remix from the English electro genius.

Taking Norwegian Per Byhring's folktronica track "Ettertid,"(original here) Russ Chimes added some big sound for his remix.Channeling influences from all over the electro-dance board, this remix is humongous.

The original is a glitchy, electronic track akin to an early Four Tet track. Chimes, with extraordinary vision, took this sinister, dark electronic beauty and layered vocals, synths, and some fat bass creating a track for any and every dance floor on the planet. From the first beat, it's apparent that Chimes' remix is more then noteworthy. This is the kind of remix that makes you dance even when you don't want to.

For more Russ Chimes, I recommend this awesome mix from last year. Or, to be honest, just anything with his name attached to it.