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Perseus - Seychelles

May 10, 2012

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Why do we like this?
I've been sitting on this track for a while, feeling guilty about withholding all of this musical goodness from the Indie Shuffle world, so here goes: Perseus, self-proclaimed "baby making record maker," is an up-and-coming producer on label FRENCH EXPRESS, with a decadent Midas touch for anything and everything electronic and tropical.

"Seychelles" is a single from this last February, featuring the illustrious Toni Braxton and her sultry, heart-melting, dulcet tones. Slow but consistent, this track is bubbling over with sophistication and tropical amazingness. The production is so flawlessly perfect that it's hard not to listen over and over.

In an age where bro-step is ruling supreme in many airwaves, I take comfort in the fact that there are still people out there producing actual music and not just thrashed sound. A hat tip to you, Perseus.

For more from Perseus, check out many more stellar productions on SoundCloud.
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