What's so good?
By sweeneykovar | Oct 17, 2012

I first met the Tel Aviv Champion that is Cohenbeats about a year or so ago on a trip to L.A. The humble beatmaker was living atop Holy Mount Washington for a few months and our paths crossed through mutual acquaintances. Eventually, he unceremoniously slipped me a beat CD to check out, and I was intrigued.

Fast-forward to earlier this fall, I'm in L.A. once again and I find that Cohenbeats is back there, too. We ran into each other at a Shafiq Husayn performance and, once again, I was given a CD of tunes to check out. I must admit the hogpile of miscellanous crap that is in my vehicle swallowed up said CD for a few weeks before I found it again. I'm glad I did. The growth that the Israeli producer underwent in just under a year was noticeable and impressive.

One of my favorites from that batch was this re-working of the seminal "T.R.O.Y." by the grand architects Pete Rock and CL Smooth. With a new sample in tow and pitched just a tad bit lower than usual, Cohenbeats found a way to give a timeless classic a fresh spin.