What's so good?
By Philip Friedman | Jun 18, 2013

Get your boom boxes ready because boy, does Banks have a Peter Gabriel cover for you!

I believe I introduced you to to her silky smooth vocals earlier this year with the song "Warm Water."  While she still doesn't have a full LP out in her name, yesterday she did release a cover of the Peter Gabriel classic "In Your Eyes."  Yep, the song that plays through the boom box John Cusak was holding up in the 80s classic flick Say Anything.  Apparently she released the track as a tribute to her dad for Father's Day, as he was a big fan of the original (so says a handwritten note on her Facebook page).

With this cover, Banks puts a totally chilled out vibe to the song, adding a bit of a dark note.  Replacing the worldbeat influence of the original with sheer sexiness, she still holds onto a few of the elements that made the song such a hit way back when.  The end result is probably better played from the bedroom than from the front porch of the girl you're madly in love with, though.

Regardless, this is a great cover so enjoy!
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