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Phantasmagoria - Child of the Sun

Feb 06, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Listening to Phantasmagoria is more of an experience than anything. It's still music of course, but musically equivalent to the spontaneous beat styling of Kerouac. Maybe that's a stretch, but "Child of the Sun" is a good demonstration of Phantasmagoria's rather stream of consciousness approach.

Maybe a bit too linear for any sort of obvious climactic awakening, their music is still able to refresh the soul. There's an energetic urgency built within the fuzzed out, floaty layers of random repetition that helps keep the vibe fresh and the mind engaged.

"Child of the Sun" is their latest single released on Currents and it comes to us packaged in a nice shiny video. Smooth and sleepy as a lullaby, it's a perfect sedative for your workday nerves.

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