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Aug 30, 2014

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Clearly picking 10 of the best remixes from a field of hundreds isn’t easy, so apologies to those of you who think I’ve missed something essential. Indeed, there’s more pressure than just good selection at play: the most popular post this year was our Top 10 Remixes of 2011, so it’ll be tough to repeat that.

On to the music…With this list I tried to create a great “dynamic”: we start off with 1) upbeat indie-rock remixes; transition into 2) some of the best dubstep remixes; 3) hit a mellow vibe with Maribou State’s remix of Ultraista; and cap it all off with 4) a return to the indie rock.

And yeah, Kimbra appears twice on this list. Fortunately, the two versions (of different songs, mind you) couldn’t sound more different. That’s the beauty of a remix, I guess.

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