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Dec 1, 2012

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There's something about going for a night drive that get's the blood stirring.  It doesn't matter where you're going, but it definitely matters what you're listening to through your car stereo. That is exactly the feeling captured by the 2011 Nicolas Winding Refn film Drive. Set in the city of Los Angeles, Drive is the story of an unnamed man, referred to as the driver, played by Ryan Gosling.  The driver is a quiet, Hollywood stuntman who serves as a getaway driver at night to help make ends meet.  His life changes when he meets Irene and her young son Benicio, which leads to him getting mixed up in a pawnshop heist gone wrong. Some of the best scenes from the movie revolve around the driver doing what he does best... driving.  To go with these scenes,  Refn selected some electro pop classics from the likes of French producer Kavinsky, whose song "Nightcall" opens the movie, as well as a track from Kavinsky's French contemporary, College. The soundtrack also features "Tick Of The Clock," by the Chromatics, off their appropriately titled album Night Drive, while the movie was scored by ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Cliff Martinez. All in all, the songs from this playlist are best listened to while driving one's car.  Preferably with the volume turned way up, and the windows rolled down.