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Jul 14, 2013

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If you've ever found yourself painting lines on your face with black eyeliner, there's a good chance that this playlist is for you. 1994's The Crow was a defining movie for those of us who found ourselves coming of age in 90s. Based on the comic book of the same name (as so many great movies are), The Crow is the vengeance-filled tale of guitar playing Eric Draven who returns from the dead via a crow to seek retribution after being murdered alongside his fiancee.  He comes back reeking havoc upon the crime syndicate responsible for his death in his own gothic-filled, face painted way. The movie carried its dark tone into reality with the tragic death of its star Brandon Lee (son of martial arts great Bruce Lee), who died during the shooting of the film. It's pretty amazing that this film even got finished, the CGI that is now commonplace in film wasn't available then. But it was finished, care of some careful digital editing, and the final product was dedicated to the late Brandon Lee. The soundtrack is also an incredibly important element to the movie.  Filled with enough gothic-infused industrial and alternative rock tracks to keep any black jean-and-combat-boot-wearing rocker happy. It features a Nine Inch Nails cover of Joy Division's "Dead Souls" and The Cure's re-write of their song "Burn" done just for the movie.  The soundtrack also features some of the best 90s alternative rock tracks from the likes of the Stone Temple Pilots' hit "Big Empty" and Jesus and Mary Chain's "Snakedriver." As well as the inclusion of some industrial rock from My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult's "After the Flesh" rounding out one of the best soundtracks of the decade. So if you're feeling a little "dark" today, go ahead and repaint those lines on your face, put on your favorite all-black outfit, and pretend that you're the crow. No one's going to judge here.