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Anu Rana
Curated by: Anu Rana
Total songs: 9 | Created: Feb 9, 2013
The beginning of the year is generally a time to get reacquainted with work, curse the weather, and/or sulk generally about not having even started on our new year's resolutions by February. But that's why there's music; music is a gift we have to generously share, especially the kind that speaks to the soul when our souls need speakin' to. I found myself with about 15 SoundCloud tabs of aforementioned divine intervention, so I thought I'd put some of those tracks together into one fancy present, which I am now giving to you. This playlist features seven different artists to watch this year -- some of which you may be less familiar with. So please relax, pour some red wine, take the weight of the future off your shoulders, and get acquainted with a few sacred voices.
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Elli Ingram Poetic Justice Artwork
Kidnap Kid So Close Artwork
Disclosure Boiling (Ft. Sinead Harnett) Artwork
LION BABE Treat Me Like Fire Artwork
Hiatus Kaiyote Nakamarra Artwork
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KING The Story Artwork
Discovered by: Anu Rana on Feb 9, 2013 | Read review →
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