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Oct 14, 2012

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Iceland is a bijou country built upon an infrastructure of inaccurate information that many tend to misinterpret. Those who envision Iceland picture a magical fairyland full of curious creatures, and associate their music based on what they've heard from Björk and artists alike. While it's hard to define the Icelandic music style, many artists have come to embrace a sonic similarity falling under a more natural, orchestral genre. Defining a country so foreign to many is hard to do, but digging into their musical archives definitely helps us understand and appreciate the magic they harbor so magnificently. That said, today's Sunday Night Chill is dedicated to the Icelandics and all of the beautiful-yet-emotional instrumental soundscapes they send our way. Enjoy your Sunday friends, and please take this time to sit back and chilllllll. You know you deserve it. Image credit: Iceland Aurora
Sunday Night Chill
Amiina Ásinn Artwork
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