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Sunday Night Chill: Silver Linings

Rachel Lynn Skotarczyk
Curated by: Rachel Lynn Skotarczyk
Total songs: 6 | Created: Mar 24, 2013
Here in Detroit, it's still very cold -- sun and warmth feel like they may never come. On the flip side, I just came back from SXSW and Austin, Texas was very warm; the sun was out and life felt glorious. Since my return home, I've sunk into seasonal purgatory. It's a weird state of mind -- feeling downright beaten yet exceedingly energized. Around this time of year life tends to weigh a ton. It's just part of the cycle. This Sunday Night Chill really reflects the daily in and outs of this fluctuating mood. There's a hopeful-sounding silver lining to even the saddest track. It's Sunday; it's life. Chill out, press play, find the silver lining, and keep love in your heart. What more can one do? Oh, and always, always carry with you the music that will keep you afloat. Enjoy!
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DJ Koze Homesick (Ft. Ada) Artwork
3 Channels I Can Understand Artwork
Hot Sugar And the Walls Came Tumbling Down Artwork
FKJ Lying Together Artwork
Hannah Georgas Enemies (WE SINK Unofficial Remix) Artwork
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