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Dec 18, 2012

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As with all things in life, TV shows come and go.  Some have very short life spans (like every show I've ever liked on Fox) while other manage to pass the test of time. One of those that has managed to stay relevant has been Grey's Anatomy. Grey's Anatomy began its run way back in 2005, when it started as a mid-season replacement for ABC.  Now in its ninth season, the show has followed the residents of Seattle Grace Hospital through the medical careers, relationships, heart aches, and tragedy... while at the same time leaving viewers wondering if doctors really do hook-up that often, and if they do, how do they find the time? The ninth season has picked up right where the last season ended, with a tragic plane crash -- all of the survivors are left to pick up the pieces.  At the same time, the doctors are dealing with the stress of becoming attendings.  And yes, there is still plenty of romance and sexual tension. Music has continued to play an important role on the show, as it has done through its entire run. It has introduced us to the world of numerous singer-songwriters, as well as helping fuel the rise of the acoustic folk that has become so popular.  Some of the highlights from this season have included Benjamin Francis Leftwich and his ability to strip down a popular song, and the English band IKO, who keep popping up on soundtracks.  Conner Youngblood, a Dallas singer-songwriter, also had his song "Australia" featured.  He is definitely someone to keep your eye on as he keeps releasing great EPs. So, because network television is now on a winter break, check out some of the great songs that have been featured this year on the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack below!
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