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Poppy Perezz - Space Antelope (Panzon Tropical Remix)

Apr 18, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Four-piece outfit Poppy Perezz, who hail from Mexico, Trinidad and England but now make feel-good, sun-kissed music in Bristol, have caught my attention with "Space Antelope," their first single out May 14 on Beach Hut Records.

"Space Antelope" is an "infectious blend of Highlife-style guitar licks, Mariachi-band trumpets and percolating basslines." I like the original track a lot, but found myself drawn to the "toy-robot calypso beat" of Panzon's remix. I could dig up little information on the mysterious producer, but that didn't take away from the listening experience.

Keep on funking in the free world.
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