What's so good?
By tobiashandke | Aug 27, 2013

Seattle producer Jake One and Detroit rapper Danny Brown have teamed up for a superb remix of Portugal The Man's "Evil Friends." Keeping the mystic vibe of the original, Jake One integrates a little soul into the beat, while Brown's rapid fire flow shows a less paranoid side to the MC.

The most exciting thing about this remix is Brown, who continues to buck the trend of what a so-called hip-hop MC should be. From collaborating with UK dance legend The Bug and jumping on a remix of Charli XCX's "What I Like," to hooking up with Purity Ring, Brown isn't afraid to mix things up, testing his abilities to the extreme without any fear of failure. The result is some of the best hip-hop of the past year.

Mr Brown, I salute you.
Tobias Handke
Author: Tobias Handke
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