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Ragnar Dagur - Fine

Jan 04, 2013

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Why do we like this?
The other night I was listening to a sol mechanic on SoundCloud, and by some voodoo I happened upon this dude named Ragnar Dagur. "Fine," a track he produced two months ago, started playing. I took in the bass, the snaps, the synths "” it's all on point. Then about 34 seconds in, shit gets real.

I'm a huge sucker for these lush, experimental electronica tracks. A good point of reference would be Clams Casino or Ryan Hemsworth. This is not to say that Ragnar Dagur is going to be credited on the next A$AP Rocky album, but even a casual listen to the guy's SoundCloud stash reveals that he is quite talented.

Some of his work is more downtempo, while other beats are definitely a trap. All I know is that Ragnar Dagur is the first name on my list of Icelandic producers to watch in 2013. For real, though, don't sleep on Ragnar for too long if you want me to validate your cool point parking.
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