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Rat & Co - Seawind

Jan 18, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Rat & Co is a band I've been paying special attention to in recent months. Headed by Melbourne musician Joshua Delaney, they've been commanding a lot of attention locally, with the release of their debut LP scheduled for February. We posted their first single "Vision" back in November, which was a one-half of a two track release.

"Seawind" maintains an incredibly cool texture throughout. It also contains an interesting experimentalist sound that this band is becoming known for. Speech samples appear subtly during the track, the only vocals used. The track's layering is sublime, giving it real texture.

Recorded for The Ripe Live at Delaney's farm in Narre Warren (just out of Melbourne), a performance of this track was filmed. It's an interesting view into how this type of music is made.

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