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Rat & Co - Vision

Nov 24, 2012

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Joshua Delaney is a busy man. Already a member of RedBerryPlum and part of Chet Faker's band, he's also launched something new, Rat & Co. Starting out as a solo, bedroom project, it's expanded to a four-piece band that has already performed a number of shows in Melbourne and Sydney. They have just released new first material off their upcoming debut album, and the double A-side single "Vision, Seawind" has already gathered a bunch of support in the music community.

The two tracks are both delicate and absorbing, but vastly different in their make up. "Vision" builds into a haunting lament, but it maintains a tragic beauty at the same time. "Seawind" is more subtle, using samples and glitched percussion to purvey its message, without the live vocal arrangements that "Vision" uses.

This is a truly engulfing project, just enough to whet the pallet for following releases. Both tracks (and others) can be found on the band's SoundCloud.
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