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Rat & Co - Forget Never Forget

Jan 12, 2013

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Another enthralling track from Melbourne buzz band Rat & Co. After reviewing their last release, "Vision/Seawind," in late November, the ambient four-piece (the brain child of Joshua Delaney) released another snippet off their upcoming, debut album. Posted on their SoundCloud as a free download, "Forget Never Forget" is another glimpse at the incredibly diverse brand of music this group are putting together.

It's a track of two parts, beginning with a chanted, haunting opening section. It really takes off halfway through, as the sound falls away before speeding up.  The track opens up into a whirlwind of percussion, bass and looped vocals before again falling away to give off that dream-like feeling.

With the album due for release next month, this intriguing group are looking at a huge start to the year.
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