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Rich Hil - Nomads (Ft. The Weeknd)

Feb 14, 2013

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Sounds like: MOD SUN, Cisco Adler
Why do we like this?
If you haven't been digitally introduced to Tommy Hilfiger's rapping son, Rich Hil, then consider yourself brought up to speed courtesy of Indie Shuffle. Rich Hil's music is commonly dark, and emphasizes downtempo hip-hop... so if The Weeknd accompanies these sounds, then the music gods have curated sonic gold. Rich Hil's album, SYLDD is presently available for download here.

To be honest, once you drudge through the raspy mud that represents Rich Hil's verse, you'll be rewarded with the matchless harmony and unerring pitch of The Weeknd's vocals. At this stage in The Weeknd's career, if he sings over a chill-hop production that bolsters keys, strings, drums, and an 8-0-8, the song will cause osmosis. Every curvature on your body will be contorting and absorbing his sensual vocal notation and instrument arrangement.

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