What's so good?
By Michelle Luksh | Mar 12, 2013

I was already a little obsessed with Rihanna's track "Stay" off of her seventh studio album, Unapologetic, but my obsession has begun to haunt my daily musings with this remix created by NYC producer Branchez. I seriously can't get enough of the looped verses and speedy vocals that lightens Rihanna's voice.

I must admit, I take this remix to a personal place, where I constantly siege my mind for answers to questions I already should know the answers to. Like her, I'm throwing my hands in the air while waiting for someone, somewhere, to show me something. Hopefully something as sincere as the desperation in her outlandish cry that is begging for something real.

But I digress. If nothing else, I want to see this song rip through a crowded dance floor and watch as the entire room illuminates with arms flying into the air as partygoers and club-hoppers and hipsters alike mesh into a sweaty pit of hopes, fantasies, and (especially!) the desirous effects of unbroken expectations that may become real.
Michelle Luksh