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Rocketeer - Cupid

Aug 24, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Across the pond, Rocketeer has doused their musical endeavors with glaring theatrical influences and have now worn through a summer of festival-to-festival performances. Rocketeer does more than your regular bands of today. Besides their mastery over instruments, they incorporate a story, a true tale, that writhes through the music. With lyrics as poetic as they are pointed, this band will continue to entrance us, and hopefully make their American debut soon enough!

"Cupid" tells the tale of an adoring onlooker, as his love interest continues to toil after men that don't appreciate her. This plot is accompanied by the melting vocals of Felix Hagan, a solo artist whose own work carries with it such a presence it advances mere shows into performances and simple listening into experiencing.

The band of men accompany him with echoing coos and lighthearted percussion to swaddle the embarrassing yet up-building lyrics that are exponentially enjoyed after multiple listens. You don't believe me? Give it  a try.
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