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Russ Chimes - Film Score to 'MR X'

Dec 05, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Russ Chimes may be better known for his rad remixing skills, but apparently this dude has more talent than meets the ears.

The track you're hearing is a score from a short film called Mr X, directed by Alex Nicholson (illustrations by Chris Martin). The film itself is a rather deep glimpse into the mind of a tattoo artist, made terribly deeper by Chimes' score. If you'd like to scope the film, you can find it here.

Before I watched the short, I was going to say that this track was turning into my official soundtrack of the day. I was going to say that it's making me feel like I want to hide in my room with a note pad and get all 'thinky' and withdrawn, or maybe take a long stroll on a gray afternoon. But, now I kind of want to just go get another tattoo. Maybe putting some ink on a page will suffice after all.
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