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Ryan Hemsworth - Cold & Tempted

Jun 11, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Ryan Hemsworth (Halifax, Canada), might be an expert in hip-hop remixes. Without changing the heavy hip-hop influenced beat, he manages to flip them on this unique chillwave tip. It's an interesting mix.

Sifting trough his Soundcloud is kinda like listening to an epic soundtrack to life, as it's very eclectic. Make a playlist of Hemsworth production and you might swear you had just listened to five different artists. That's not intended to be a dis, either -- it's great that he's not boxing himself in. They are all quality productions.

Teetering at times between straight-up synthwave, future bass, and coming damn close to trap, Hemsworth seems to be exploring many musical attitudes. "Cold & Tempted" is by far my favorite track. It's sorta of like if you took Cosmonaut Grechko and injected him with bits of Baauer, and then added a whole lot of deep, distorted atmosphere.

Before I get tongue-tied with my descriptions, just check it out for yourself. "Three Hours In" is another noteworthy Hemsworth original.
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