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San Cisco - Awkward

Apr 18, 2012

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Sounds like: The Strokes, Little Joy
Why do we like this?

How did we miss this track, which dropped a few months ago? San Cisco's "Awkward" is simple, upbeat and actually really cute. The exchange between male and female vocals lends a nice mix to an otherwise classic set up.

The song holds a steady beat throughout, leaving little room for any build ups or break downs. They've also incorporated some pretty trippy synthesizers towards the end, which gives a nice psychedelic feel to an overall indie pop ballad. The guitar is simple and mimicking the drums, the bass teeters just on the border of the whole song giving it a nice groove. There's also a fleeting reverberated guitar in the background contributing a nice atmospheric effect.

This is the type of song that you'll probably have a lot of fun singing with your friends. San Cisco is topping all kinds of charts in Australia and they even have their own record label here in the States. They're well on their way to well-deserved success.

You can pick up their Awkward EP now if you want more of this indie pop goodness.

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