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Sean Price - Shut The Fuc Up

Oct 26, 2012

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Sean Price is not for the faint of heart. The middle-aged brownsville MC sounds as smooth as sandpaper when he's threating to slap your mother or rob you. He's been rapping for over two decades as part of the famed Boot Camp Click and Heltah Skeltah groups, and he found a resurgence as a solo artist in the early 2000's under his government name, Sean Price.

Two solo albums later, Sean Price has established himself as one of the last dinosaurs of rap. That's no diss -- he says so himself in "Shut The Fuc Up," calling himself a "jurassic bastard."  Sean P is one of the few rappers who can sound intimidating and endearing at the same time.

His third solo LP is titled Mic Tyson, and is probably his most anticipated release to date. He's been able to gather producers who can match his gargantuan sound, so it should be interest to see what he delivers.
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