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Shadows On Stars - When It Builds

Jan 11, 2013

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Why do we like this?

It seems as though Shadows On Stars haven't lost their momentum since taking off with a bang in 2012. Their unique style and approach is what continues to pique their wide-eyed fans' interest. This time around, they're back with an entrancing video for their single "When It Builds."

I've always enjoyed the concepts that Shadows On Stars portray in their music videos. It's always a thoroughly entertaining and slightly mysterious vibe, much like their music. The video for "When It Builds" is nothing short of enchanting. It opens with the scenery of a pristine forest on a gorgeous, sunny day. A little girl is following a path until she comes upon a masquerade face mask placed on a tree limb. A woman appears in the distance, and the girl follows her to a masquerade party in the middle of the forest. The rest of the video features gorgeous scenes of decadently dressed people enjoying each others' company in a natural setting. Awesome, right?

If only we could party like that all the time, I bet we'd feel way more fancy.

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