What's so good?
By Sean O | May 19, 2013

Can't say I was super familiar with Shelf Nunny when the Santa Cruz-based producer first reached out to me a few days ago. Turns out that he rolls with Sleepy Beach, which means that we went from strangers to good friends in about two seconds flat. If you visit Indie Shuffle often, then you have probably enjoyed the experimental stylings of other Sleepy Beachers, including Mist Glider and Aeropsia.

"I Feel So Good About Myself" is glitchy, ambient, and all sorts of chilled out. Props to Shelf Nunny for delivering an instrumental that incorporates so many sounds, but still manages to stay light on its feet. This track has got me feeling so good about myself that I might just float away listening to it.

"I Feel So Good About Myself" is the lead single off of Shelf Nunny's upcoming debut EP. Dream Album will be out on June 15th via Sleepy Beach, and will be well worth a listen if you're a fan of what you're hearing today.
Sean O
Author: Sean O
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