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What's so good?
By Jason Grishkoff | Aug 10, 2012 | Total plays: 76,625

Okay, Capital Cities. You've done it. I wasn't planning to post this when you first sent it to me, but I just listened again. Properly.

Turns out this is a pretty good cover. Worth of SOTD, in fact.

The original version of "Nothing Compares 2 U" was written by Prince and performed by his early band The Family. But, it rose to fame when Sinéad O'Connor picked it up 1990. I'll confess that I don't think I'd ever heard her version until I checked it out on YouTube today. Personally, I think I prefer Capital Cities' rendition.

Quoting the band:

Working on covers is a sacred exercise for Capital Cities. We meticulously pick songs that we love and then explore them until new harmonic and rhythmic ideas emerge, hopefully bringing a freshness to a timeless melody and lyric. It's an exciting process that always leaves us in awe of how brilliant our musical predecessors were.
Jason Grishkoff
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