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Sir Sly - Miracle

Aug 23, 2013

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Why do we like this?

It's been roughly a year since we premiered Sir Sly's first ever single, "Ghost." At the time we had no idea who the band were, and even went so far as to hypothesize that they were fronted by the lead singer of Foster The People. How wrong we were!

Flash forward 360 days and Sir Sly are back with a new single titled "Miracle." It's their first since releasing the Gold EP, and boy does it live up to expectations!

Kicking off with sparse percussion and melancholic vocals, the song builds and pulls back in a tactful manner that quickly built my anticipation for a glorious chorus. Finally, at the 1:20 mark the band launches into a impassioned plea for, well, a miracle, and it sounds oh so good!

If you're liking what you hear, be sure to grab a free download on the band's website.

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