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Sir Sly - Where I'm Going

Jan 14, 2013

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Why do we like this?

A couple days ago, Sir Sly lifted the veil on their identity. No, Foster The People is not involved -- you can get more info on that here.

Anyway, turns out the great reveal was in anticipation of an EP titled Ghost, which they released today! The track listing includes songs "Ghost" and "Gold," but also added a previously unheard track "Where I'm Going."

How's this one stand relative to the rest? It's a slightly slower tempo, and marginally darker. The high quality production is still present, as is the creative use of synth / bass. Overall, this track seems to strongly embody the new wave of music coming out of Southern California (a la The Neighbourhood), but still original in its own right. In a nutshell: we're looking forward to what these guys have in store!

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